Air Ads

Buy a Banner or a Billboard
Pulled by an Airplane in the Sky

Banners can be up to 30 letters (normally CAPITAL RED) and/or characters (spaces do not count; it has to do with weight). They can be pulled anywhere an airplane can fly (e.g. over fairs, festivals, concerts, and other events; over the downtown, shopping centers, and golf courses; around the interstates; at parades, rallies, sporting events, etc.). They are good for sending people to web-sites, locations and events; product launches, company or other promotions and grand openings; political campaigns, special occasions, funeral salutes, personal messages (Will You Marry Me, Happy Birthday or Anniversary, I’m sorry…), and ad campaigns, etc.

Logo boards (16’ H up to 30’ W) with letter trailers (up to 20 letters) or full sized billboards (20 to 30’ H up to 100’ W; 30’ H x 70’ W is the standard size) can be pulled with 60 days notice and the artwork.

Two airplanes can be used to pull a 60 letter message plus the second airplane can be hidden behind the first banner. We do not do skywriting.

Our territory is anywhere in the Continental US. The public will see this cost effective media; your message(s) will be noticed.

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